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In their mission to proclaim the love and saving grace of Christ, the Methodist Circuit of Gloucestershire is committed to the care and nurture of and respectful pastoral ministry with all children, young people and adults. The Circuit Safeguarding Policy states the steps that the Circuit is making to ensure their safeguarding and protection and establishing safe, caring communities which provide a loving environment where there is informed awareness and vigilance as to the dangers of abuse.

Each Methodist Church of the Circuit annually reviews the implementation of their safeguarding policy following the guidelines of the Methodist Church. Church Councils, supported by their Ministers, have a specific role and responsibility in creating a safe space within our churches. Churches carefully select their workers of children, young people and vulnerable adults in line with the safer recruitment principles of the Methodist Church.

Who to talk to

Each church seeks to challenge any form of abuse in the protection and safeguarding of children, young people and adults, following statute, guidance and recognised good practice. If you have a concern, please observe the following:

  • Your local church has a Safeguarding Officer who is appointed each year. If you talk to your Minister, a Church steward or a member of your Church Council, then they should be able to tell you who currently fills that role. They are a good person to talk to if you have queries about local church safeguarding. We train those people on a regular basis and keep them up-to-date with information to ensure that they can advise on all matters with regard to Safeguarding, or should know who to refer you to
  • We have a dedicated Circuit Safeguarding Officer who manages safeguarding within our Circuit. They can help and support you with a variety of matters. If you would like to get in touch with them contact Peter Gardner on 01452 415769 or email
  • Our District has a dedicated Safeguarding Officer who manages more serious matters. Kevin Maidment can be contacted on 07925 894649 or if less urgent by email at
  • You can also find contact details for the Methodist Church Safeguarding Team at

Further resources and information

Local children's services: 01452 426565
Local adult social care services: 01452 426868
Local social care out of hours services: 01452 614194
Police: 999 (emergency) 101 (non-emergency)
NSPCC Helpline: 0808 800 5000
Childline: 0800 1111

Get In Touch
01452 415769

By post to:

Gloucestershire Methodist Circuit Office
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