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Church Worship Resources

The following is a guide to the resources held in each of our churches. Further information can be obtained by contacting the church directly.

Worship Resources

Abbeydale Christchurch H&P, CMP, MP, NRSV, A/V Hucclecote STF, H&P, SOF, GNB, MWB, A/V
Amberley A&M, NRSV, MWB Lonsdale Rd STF, H&P, GNB, SOF
Apperley STF, H&P, Com (MWB) Nailsworth Christ Church STF, GNB, NIV, OHP, A/V
Aylburton H&P, MWB – HC Newent St Mary's H&P, SOF, MP, NIV, STF (Music Book), Com (MWB), OHP, A/V
Bailey Lane End H&P, SOF, Com (MWB) North Cerney Fellowship H&P, Com (1936)
Barton St STF, H&P, Com (MWB) Pillowell H&P, MP
Bethesda STF, NIV, MWB, A/V Quedgeley STF, OHP, Screen
Bishops Cleeve STF, H&P, NRSV, Com (MWB), A/V Randwick St John H&P, SOF, NRSV, MWB
Cam H&P, STF, MP, MWB, GNB, A/V South Cerney H&P, REB, Com (MWB)
Churchdown STF, H&P, SOF, GNB, MWB, A/V St John's Northgate STF, H&P, SOF, NRSV, MWB
Cinderford STF, H&P, SOF, Com, A/V St Mark's H&P, Song, GNB, MWB, NEB, STF
Cirencester Ashcroft STF, H&P, MP, GNB, MWB, A/V Stonehouse STF, MP (Vol 1&2), H&P, GNB, MWB
Clements End H&P, MWB – HC Stroud St Alban's STF, H&P, MP (Combined), GNB, MWB, A/V
Coalway STF, H&P, MWB – HC Tetbury Christ Church STF, H&P, CMP, NIV, GNB, Com (MWB), A/V
Drybrook STF, H&P, SOF, MWB Tewkesbury STF, H&P, MP, MWB, NRSV, A/V
Dursley STF, MP, H&P, MWB, GNB, A/V Tibberton STF, H&P, MP, GNB, Com, A/V
Eastington SOF, Com (MWB), NIV, A/V Whaddon H&P, A&M, Song, Com (MWB)
Fairford H&P, CMP, STF, NIV, GNB, A/V Winchcombe STF, H&P, GNB, MWB, A/V
Hartpury STF, H&P, MP (Vol 1), MWB, GNB Wotton – under – Edge STF, H&P, MP, MWB, NIV, Song, A/V
Hawling STF, MWB

Key to Worship Resources

A&M Hymns Ancient & Modern MWB Methodist Worship Book
A/V Audio/Visual equipment available (check church for details) NIV New International Version
Com Extract or other Communion books (with source indicated if known) NRSV New Revised Standard Version
CMP Complete Mission Praise OHP Overhead Projector
GNB Good News Bible REB Revised English Bible
H&P Hymns & Psalms Song Own or other compilation Song book
MP Mission Praise SOF Songs of Fellowship
MSB Methodist Service Book STF Singing the Faith

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