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Winchcombe Steward receives Maundy money

geoff onionsmaundy money

Geoff Onions, Steward at Winchcombe Methodist Church received an invitation from Buckingham Palace, having been selected to be one of only 74 men and 74 women from the whole of the United Kingdom to receive Maundy money from King Charles, in York Minster.

The long procession, high church choral music, pomp and ceremony he described as very impressive but so far from his roots! Methodism, however, was still present via 'Love Divine All Loves Excelling' by Charles Wesley.

The money was distributed in two leather pouches, one red and one white with King Charles congratulating each recipient on their service to the community.

Sixty minutes from start to finish the procession marched, complete with the Yeoman of the Guard (Beefeaters) who have played a significant part in the ceremony for many years, to the main South Door. The end of a very cold but extremely memorable day.

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